A company where
technology, people
and values coexist

I express my deepest gratitude for your trust and love for eBlue,
a company where technology, people, and values coexist.

eBlue is a company that is developing a comprehensive system for
the pharmaceutical industry based on a challenging spirit,
a human-centered philosophy, and the idea that ‘our thoughts change the world’.
While many simply pursue technological development, eBlue has taken up
the challenge to create innovative technologies filled with ideas and values.

Today, we are in a critical moment, entering the era of the Fourth Industrial
Revolution, beyond the industrialization and the information era.
With our unparalleled expertise and outstanding technology, we will realize
the ideals of the times and establish ourselves as a leading global company
in the pharmaceutical industry.

We look forward to your continued interest and love. Thank you!

CEO Lee Na-Hyeon


e Blue channel’s success story is composed of endless challenges.
Now, we are growing to become a leader in the global medical market.


This manual provides detailed information on eBlue Channel features, advantages, and how to use the service.