About System

eBlue Channel
integrated payment system

Samsung and Eunsung support the system together. eBlue Channel, along with Samsung PC, will change your pharmacy into a brand-new place!

Samsung PC

CPU intel Core i5 9500
VGA intel gfx
HDD MSSD 256G / Hard Disk Drive 1TB
O/S Win 10 64bit
ODD Super-Multi
Etc Serial port included
LAN gigabyte
A/S Samsung Electronics One Year Warranty(H/W)
*Samsung is in charge of all service types (both remote and on-site support services.)
*CPUs included are the latest models released in December 2019.
We work together with KIS Information & Communication to supply highly reliable products with nationwide terminal A/S.

About Software

  • Fully compatible with PM IT3000
    Easy to use for both new and existing users
  • One-point solution
    Support the purchase and management of drugs with a single system
  • Data Analysis
    Maximize management efficiency via data analysis
  • Cashnote
    Sales Management System


Experience changes with eBlue Channel!

01eBlue Channel is easy for everyone
Perfect compatibility with PM IT3000 enables users of the existing system to continue in comfort.
02Reduce losses and increase profits
eBlue Channel’s exclusive out-of-date inventory prevention technology and inventory exhaustion prediction function could minimize inevitable financial losses!
03Prevent errors by systemically managing data,
from complete DB to statistical analysis, providing further systematic statistical analysis service based on the management!
04Improve your management capabilities with eBlue Channel
It will help you reduce the amount of time and money you spend, taking your service to the next level!


This manual provides detailed information on eBlue Channel features, advantages, and how to use the service.